Lubrizol Environmental Engineer in Louisville, Kentucky

Environmental Engineer

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A. Purpose of Position :

State briefly the principal purpose of this position.

Develop and implement strategies to ensure the Louisville plant operates in compliance with regulatory requirements, Responsible Care ® initiaties and Lubrizol policy in the environmental area.

Interact with associated external agencies and community groups.

Maintain associated reporting and recordkeeping systems.

Stay abreast of new regulatory requirements.

B. Key Results Areas

Develop and maintain plant programs to ensure compliance with governmental regulations, Responsible Care ® initiatives and Lubrizol policies pertaining to environmental areas by interpreting and administering regulation;, auditing compliance; coordinating recordkeeping requirements; development of emissions calculations; obtaining permits; educating and training personnel, setting up required monitoring and testing; and preparing and submitting reports.

Administrate overall Louisville plant programs including consultation, analysis and direction toward goal of continuous improvement in environmental performance..

Serve as plant Responsible Care ® Management System coordinator by coordinating all related tasks and activities, maintaining the RCMS manual and coordinating the internal auditing process.

C. Other Activities

List any other activities for which this position is held accountable.


Represent plant with various government, business and community organizations.

Serve as a plant “expert” in leading root cause incident investigations.

Serve as primary plant administrator for HSES training in Active Learner computer-based learning system.

Serve as back up to safety engineer and HSES manager as required.

D. Problem Solving:

Describe the nature and variety of the most typical and most complex problems identified and solved by the incumbent.

Business-related problems concern input to development of HSES budget preparation in area of responsibility and appropriate implementation thereof in the face of current economic conditions..

Technical problems involve interpretation of regulations as they relate to plant processes and development of methods for compliance with least negative impact on the process; development of environmental procedure; troubleshooting of compliance issues;and calculation of emissions using engineering judgement and empirical data..

People-related problems involve provision for adequate training in the environmental area throughout the plant; management of environmental systems to ensure employee buy in and compliance; and presenting the Company in the most positive manner to governmental agencies and non-technical community groups.

E. Accountability and Decision Making:

Explain the most significant decisions required of the incumbent in this position and to what extent the incumbent has authority to implement those decisions.

  1. Decisions the incumbent has the authority to make.

Delegated decisions concern overall direction and policy for the environmental compliance-related systems within the plant. Such decisions require knowledge of Company and Plant policies, programs and direction. Decisions within this category include issue resolution, resource selection and development of plant policies in area of expertise.

  1. Decisions or problems referred to supervisor or others.

Final agreement on plant policy is referred to HSES manager and plant management team.

  1. Report Preparation - if incumbent prepares reports check below:

XX compile, calculate, or reconcile numeric data

XX analyze and interpret data

XX make recommendations or presentations.

F. Key Contacts:

What titles or categories of people are key contacts, inside and outside the Company? What is the frequency and purpose of these contacts?

Internal Contact



( All plant personnel from plant manager to direct worker.

( Daily

( Establishing/implementing policies. Communication. Data gathering, etc.

( H,S &E staff at other facilities.

( Weekly to Monthly

( Information exchange.

( Divisiona/Corporatel H,S,E&S staff.

( Monthly

( Communication. Establishing/ implementing policies. Special issues. Audits.

External Contact



( Government agency representatives –EPA, KYDNREP,APCDJC..

( Weekly

( Reporting/ information exchange/issue resolution

( Other area HSES personnel.

( Weekly - Monthly

( Information exchange/ strategy development.

( HSES consultants

( Weekly- Monthly

( Assistance in permitting, stack sampling and other activities.

( Monitoring equipment


( Monthly

( Current info on equipment and techniques.

G. Knowledge and Skills

Indicate the knowledge, skills, qualifications and/or experience necessary to perform the essential activities of this job.

- Knowledge of company policies; government regulations.

- Familiarity with plant operations and personnel; respected within plant.

- Managemen/technical skills: ability to organize and plan; ability to analyze and problem solve; ability to apply engineering knowledge toward complex emissions calculations.

- Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

- Ability to stimulate interest in new concepts at all levels of plant.

- Ability to create and deliver effective presentations within and outside company.

- Ability to work with people in a participative style, to develop and achieve common objectives.

H. Equipment:

List the equipment used on this job; such as calculators, computers and software programs, tools, and/or machines.


Computers - spreadsheet software, word processing, SAP, spill tracking software, RCDMS, Active Learner

Monitoring and emergency response equipment.

I. Education

List the education and/or background requirements for this position.

  • College degree in chemistry or engineering..

- Several years company/chemical plant experience.

J. Organizational Relationships

See plant organizational chart.

Located in the largest city in Kentucky, Lubrizol’s Louisville facility is a great place to work in a great place to live. Known simultaneously as one of the southernmost Northern cities and one of the northernmost Southern cities, Louisville at offers the best of both regions. Famous for the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, Louisville’s many other assets make it notable 365 days a year! With a thriving downtown area, an abundance of parks and recreational areas, rich arts and cultural opportunities and an affordable cost of living, Louisville offers something for everyone. There’s a reason we like to call ourselves “Possibility City” - the possibilities are endless!

Lubrizol is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, citizenship, age, religion, marital status, military service, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or any other characteristic or trait protected by federal, state, or local law.

Nearest Major Market: Louisville

Job Segment: Environmental Engineering, Engineer, ERP, Plant, Plant Manager, Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing